What is a 37 degree flare? [Solved] (2022)

What is a 37 degree flare?

37° flare fittings perform well in severe applications where vibration, high pressure, and thermal shock exist. The flare fitting sleeve insures tube alignment with the fitting body axis and minimizes mechanical strain on the tube.... read more ›

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What the difference between 37 and 45 degree flare?

JIC 37 degree flare union fittings is in most hydraulic systems in high pressure application such hydraulic excavator, loader and tractor etc. SAE 45 degree flare fittings is used in low to medium pressure applications such as military and aerospace equipment. they doesn't interchangeable into each other.... view details ›

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Are brake lines 37 or 45 degree flares?

Most do think that flared stainless should be 37 degree. And it is easier to get a good flare with questionable tubing with 37 degrees. But you can do 45 degree double flares with the right tool and tubing.... see more ›

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Is JIC 37 degree flare?

JIC or Joint Industrial Council Thread is an American thread type commonly used in a variety of hydraulic applications. The most common characteristic of JIC are a 37 degree sealing surface on the tip of the male, which seals upon the flare of the female mate.... continue reading ›

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ARE AN fittings 37 or 45 degrees?

Fitting Flare Angle AN Aircraft Flare fittings have a 37 degree flare angle. Many industrial fittings use a 45 degree flare angle. Most of the time, when you are working on aircraft, the hoses have a 37 degree flare and you don't think about the flare angle.... see details ›

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What is a 45 degree flare used for?

SAE 45° flare connections are commonly used in automotive applications as well as for refrigeration and air conditioning. SAE fittings are typically made from brass. SAE and AN/JIC connections are incompatible due to the different flare angle.... see more ›

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Are all an fittings 37 degree?

JIC Steps In

It's important to note that the AN and JIC specifications are no longer in existence in most cases. The majority of the hydraulic population agrees, the JIC (or SAE) 37 degree fittings are generally interchangeable with AN fittings.... read more ›

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Where are 37 degree flares used?

Defined by MIL-F-18866 and SAE J514 standards, these flare fittings have been machined to have a 37° flare seating surface. These fittings are most commonly used in fluid power and fuel delivery applications, especially those using high pressure.... read more ›

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What type of flare is best for brake lines?

All brake lines need to be double flared, due to the high hydraulic pressure. If your brakes leak or the hoses crack, it could prove to be fatal. Single flared lines are suitable for low-pressure lines in other applications, but not your vehicle's brakes.... see details ›

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Can I use 45 degree flare on an fittings?

Note that 37° AN and 45° SAE fittings and tooling are not interchangeable due to the different flaring angles. Mixing them can cause leakage at the flare.... view details ›

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What does JIC stand for?

JIC (Joint Industry Council) fittings are widely used in fuel delivery and fluid power applications, especially where high pressure (up to 10,000 psi) is involved.... read more ›

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What does JIC stand for in fittings?

JIC (or Joint Industry Council) fittings, defined by SAE J514, are compression fittings machined with a 37 degree flare seating surface and parallel threads. They are commonly manufactured in nickel alloys, brass, carbon & stainless steel.... view details ›

What is a 37 degree flare? [Solved] (2022)

How do I know if my hydraulic fittings are JIC?

Determine the flare angle by using a calipers.

The most obvious future of JIC fittings is 37 degree flare seat. Taking the fittings along with the caliper,and put the 37° point to the flare,if you get 90°angle. Then it is a 37° JIC(SAE)fitting.... see more ›

How is flare angle measured?

How To Tell The Angle On SAE Fittings? - YouTube... see more ›

How do you identify flare fittings?

How to Measure Thread Sizes: NPT Fittings, Flare Fittings ... - YouTube... view details ›

Are JIC and flare fittings the same?

JIC fittings,defined by the SAE J514 and MIL-DTL-18866 standards,are a type of flare fittings machined with a 37-degree flare seating surface.... see details ›

Will a 45 degree flare work on an fittings?

SAE 45 degree fittings are a type of fare fittings machined with a 45 degree flare seating surface. SAE 45° flare connections are commonly used in automotive applications as well as military and oil gas industry. SAE fittings are typically made from steel and stainless steel.... read more ›

What are 45 degree flare fittings called?

45° Flared Fittings for Copper and Brass Tubing

They are also known as refrigeration and SAE fittings.... read more ›

What degree flare are an fittings?

The U.S. Air Force, with help from Wright Patterson Air Force base, developed a fitting with 37° flare angle, before WWII, which became known as the "AN" fitting.... view details ›

What degree are brake line flares?

The basic types of brake line fittings.

All Automotive fittings are “45 degree” fittings. The head of the flare is made at a 45 degree angle. AN or army/navy fittings are always a 37 degree fitting.... continue reading ›

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