What is the effect of over compaction? [Solved] (2022)

What is the effect of over compaction?

The abrasion resistance of concrete surfaces is normally improved by adequate compaction. However, excessive vibration, or excessive working of the surface, can cause an excessive amount of mortar (and moisture) to collect on the surface, thereby reducing its potential abrasion resistance.... read more ›

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What are the factors that affect the value of compaction factor?

Factors Affecting Field Compaction of Soil
  • Type of soil. Type of soil has a great influence on its compaction characteristics. ...
  • Compactive Effort / Compactive Energy. ...
  • Layer Thickness / Thickness of Lift. ...
  • Number of Roller Passes. ...
  • Moisture Content. ...
  • Contact Pressure. ...
  • Speed of Rolling.
Feb 4, 2014
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How do you compact fresh concrete?

Compaction of Concrete - YouTube... continue reading ›

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What are the methods of compaction?

The method of compaction is primarily of four types such as kneading, static, dynamic or impact and vibratory compaction.... see details ›

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How is compaction factor related to workability of concrete?

The relationship between workability and compacting factor is higher the compaction factor higher is the work-ability. Theoretically maximum value of the compaction factor can be 0.96 to 1.0.... see more ›

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What affects soil compaction?

Heavy axle loads and wet soil conditions will increase the depth of compaction in the soil profile. As loads increase beyond 10 tons per axle, the potential to compact the soil past the tillage layer also increases.... read more ›

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What is the effect of compaction on engineering properties of soil?

Compaction reduces the voids present in the soil hence permeability also reduces. At a particular density, for the same soil sample, permeability is more for soils which are compacted to dry of optimum than those compacted to wet of optimum.... view details ›

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Why is excess compaction not good for concrete?

There are various problems that might arise if compaction of concrete is not carried out properly such as honeycomb and trapped inside concrete paste. Moreover, poor compaction of concrete could to permeability problems and therefore steel corrosion and decreasing ultimate capacity of hardened concrete.... see details ›

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What are the two main methods of compacting concrete?

Concrete compaction is also known as consolidation of concrete which is used to get highest density of concrete. Historically, it was achieved by ramming or punning, but nowadays compaction is mostly carried out by vibration.... see more ›

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Why should concrete be fully compacted?

Purpose of Concrete Compaction

Compaction significantly increases the ultimate strength of concrete and enhances the bond with reinforcement. It also increases the abrasion resistance and general durability of the concrete, decreases the permeability and helps to minimise its shrinkage and creep characteristics.... see more ›

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What does 95 percent compaction mean?

95 percent compaction means that the soil has been compacted to 95 percent of the possible density of the soil through compactive efforts. Maximum dry density, along with optimum moisture content, is determined in the laboratory and provides the target for field compaction.... continue reading ›

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Which soil is good for compaction?

Cohesive (clay), granular (sand) and organic (for planting) are the three basic soil groups, but only two of these—cohesive and granular—are suitable for compaction. Cohesive soils have particles that stick together, while granular soils crumble easily.... see more ›

What is the effect of over compaction? [Solved] (2022)

How do you test compaction?

To begin, a small hole is dug in the compacted soil. This soil is removed and weighed, then dried and weighed again to determine the moisture content. The hole's specific volume is measured by filling it with a pre-calculated amount of dry sand from a jar and cone device.... see more ›

When compacting factor is 0.8 The degree of workability is?

For a good workability, compaction factor must be between (0.7 - 0.95). Extremely low - 0.65 to 0.68. Very low - 0.75. Low - 0.83 to 0.85.... see more ›

What is compaction factor value?

The compaction factor is defined as the ratio of the weight of partially compacted concrete to the weight of fully compacted concrete. It shall normally to be stated to the nearest second decimal place. Compaction Factor Value= (W1-W) / (W2-W)... continue reading ›

Why slump test is done?

The concrete slump test measures the consistency of fresh concrete before it sets. It is performed to check the workability of freshly made concrete, and therefore the ease with which concrete flows. It can also be used as an indicator of an improperly mixed batch.... see more ›

What are factors that affect compaction and discuss?

8 Factors that affect the performance of compaction are as follows:
  • Type of compaction.
  • Compacting effort.
  • Type of soil.
  • Uniformity of soil water mixture.
  • The particle size distribution of the soil sample.
  • Moisture content in the sample.
  • Original soil condition.
  • Addition of admixture.
Feb 13, 2018
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Which is not a factor affecting compaction?

Hence, the texture of the soil is not a factor that affects compaction.... read more ›

What are the factor affecting geotechnical processes?

The nature and thickness of made-up ground/top soil above the sub-soil. The nature, thickness and stratum depth of sub-soil. An assessment of allowable bearing pressure.... see details ›

What are the factors which affects compaction and optimum water content in road construction project?

Following are the factors affecting Soil Compaction: Water content of the soil at the time of compaction. The amount of compactive energy used e.g. type of plant (weight, vibration, number of passes) Nature and the type of soil being compacted like sand or clay, grading, plasticity.... see details ›

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